Voltron Nail Dryer


Give your salon an up-scale look with the impressive Voltron Nail Dryer. The Voltron is a stylish quick dry station that seats up to four customers and is capable of drying hands and feet at the same time! This sleek drying station is available in your choice of Oak, Cafelle or Mahogany and includes beautiful aluminum trim (As shown: Cafelle with aluminum trim) For quality assurance, each Voltron is designed and assembled here in the USA. The Voltron Quicky Dry Station is custom-made and custom-built according to your details and specifications.


  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Dries hands and feet
  • Fits up to four people
  • Includes three built-in fans
  • Four 48" bulbs for hands,
  • Two 36" bulbs for feet
  • Two side cabinets


Dimension 56"L x 19"W x 40"H
Manufacturer ANS