Price Matching & Method of Payments

Will Nail Marketplace, Inc match a price from a competitor? Nail Marketplace, Inc will try to match any quote for pedicure chairs or salon furniture from our competitors. If you locate your product on another site for less, we will try to match their listed price. Manufacturer promotions and holiday extravaganzas excluded. Thank you for making Nail Marketplace, Inc the highest rated distributor in the USA for customer service.

We accept wire transfer, direct deposit, bank draft, certified checks, money order, Zelle, Venmo, mobile text via check deposit, or financing.  A 2.9% processing fee may be applied for credit card transactions over $1,000 or more. For verbal orders, we require the Credit Card Authorization Form sign, email, or fax on credit card transactions.  A minimum of 35% initial deposit is required to reserve or for special custom products. Tax may be applied for certain states and/or financing programs. For orders shipping to California, a 8.75% sales tax must be included. The balance and payment must be paid in full before shipment for all equipment. For international customers, we only accept wire transfer.