STRETCH GUARD™ Silicone FacePillow Cover


The STRETCH GUARDTM Silicone FacePillow Cover from Earthlite is a useful solution to keep your clients safe as the Covid-19 pandemic gets closer. The cover is easy to clean because it is made of chemical-resistant silicone. The seamless, molded design fits the majority of typical crescent pillows and is elastic, form-fitting, and long-lasting. In addition, it is client-safe, dishwasher-safe, and reusable. It is the market's first washable and reusable facecradle cushion cover, making it an excellent option for protecting your clients.



  • Protect your clients/guests                    
    Provides a waterproof, germproof barrier between your facecradle cushion and your client.

  • Disinfectable, Chemical Resistant        
    Made with 100% silicone rubber that is chemical resistant and easily disinfectable.

  • Seamless Design                                     
    Germs have nowhere to hide.  Easy to wipe down.

  • Washable, Reusable, Safe                      
    Dishwasher safe.  Reusable.  The Stretch Guard cover is arguably the most cost-effective way to protect your guests and your cushions with intense disinfection.

  • Stretchy, Fits most crescent cushions    
    Stretchy, form fitting silicone rubber creates a disinfectable, clean and safe barrier between the guest and the upholstery.

  • Made by Earthlite                                   
    Headquartered in Vista, CA - Earthlite has been the trusted leader in massage and wellness supplies since 1987.