SaniSmart IMC Vented Nail Table



SaniSmart IMC Vented Nail Table is a complete manicure table by all standards. It has all the bells and whistles to most states requirements for approval. The SaniSmart IMC Vented Manicure Table is a sophisticated nail table that helps filter your salon's air to improve the overall health of your business. This beautiful, yet functional manicure table comes fitted with a piping system that connects directly to your salon's ventilation. Once properly connected, the SaniSmart IMC Nail Table can remove toxins and dust from your salon's atmosphere to keep you and your customers protected from harmful particles and allergens. The SaniSmart IMC Vented Manicure Table also satisfies new state board regulations that require salons to be ventilated. Each table is custom-made and made-to-order with your choice of Mahogany, Oak, Cafelle, or White laminates. (Special laminate colors available upon request)


  • Connects directly to your ventilation system. Specify left or right vents.
  • Pullout ventilation on the side
  • Satisfies requirement by some states that all nail stations must be vented to outside.
  • Easy to use with turn off/ on button.
  • Manual pull up/push down ventilation.
  • LED lighting for brighter nail station.
  • Available in Classic & Ion furniture collections.
  • Colors: Oak, Mahogany, White, Cafelle, and Black
  • Comply with IMC 2015/2018 Ventilation Codes.
  • Engineered to increase collection efficiency by optimizing airflow.
  • Offering aesthetically appealing design and simplicity of use
  • Purse hook
  • The innovative design of this patented product enables the 8"x 6" inlet vent to "Pop-up" when the system is in use. When inactive, the vent may be "Pushed-down" to hide it from view.


Dimension 43"L x 17"W x 30"H
Manufacturer ANS