Pure II Black Portable Pedicure Chair

$2,555.00 $3,195.00 Save $640.00


If you're searching for a spa pedicure chair that doesn't require plumbing, you need to check out the Pure II portable spa pedicure chair! This chair is highly adaptable and can be transported with ease to any location. All you have to do is plug in the power cord, fill up the tub with water from a sink, and you're good to go!

Aside from being plumbing-free, this chair is also very space-efficient, thanks to its concealed pedicure tub. Moreover, it has a high-quality massage chair, power outlets, collapsible manicure trays, and purse hooks, all of which contribute to its practicality. Additionally, the included pedicure tub has vibration and heat features, providing everything you need to feel pampered and refreshed during your pedicure session.


  • No plumbing required
  • Pedicure tub tucks away, saving space
  • Full function, commercial grade, Caresst Massage™
  • Built in AC power outlets
  • Foldable manicure trays
  • Pedicure tub vibration and heat
  • Two year warranty
  • Built in remote control on armrest
  • Included matching diamond-quilted pedicure stool


User Manual Upon Request
Manufacturer Whale Spa
Dimension Dimensions Trays Down / Closed Basin: 29” L x 30” W x 53” H Dimensions Trays Up / Open Basin: 56” L x 43” W x 53” H
Weight Not Applicable
Capacity of Tub 2 US Gallon
Auto Fill Not Applicable
Glass Bowl Material Not Applicable
Pipe-Less or Magna Jet Not Applicable
Operation Switch Not Applicable
Massage System Full Shiatsu Massage System
Discharge Pump Motor Not Applicable
Power Source 110V, 15Amp, 60HZ with Dedicated Outlet
Drain Connection Not Applicable
Plumbing Source Not Applicable
Whirlpool Pump Motor 120 VAC 60HZ; 1A; 27W Single Drive with Dual Whirlpool
Certification UL Listed