Fantasea UV Nail Dryer


Built to last, Fantasea UV Nail Dryer - Dual Fans is constructed with heavy duty steel covered with a tough layer of black epoxy finish. Two powerful fans create a strong jet stream which helps to dissipate heat from the light bulbs and provides a warm forced air for quick yet smooth nail drying. With a good combination of heat, forced air, and UV light, the Fantasea UV Nail Dryer - Dual Fans dries nail to a fabulous looking without bubbling and smudging. Fantasea UV Nail Dryer - Dual Fans is extremely simple to use. One touch button turns the dryer on/off and sets the time. Operating time can be selected at 1, 3, or 5 minutes, and the dryer automatically turn off at the end of the set time. The opening size of dryer housing can be adjusted smaller for manicure and larger for pedicure application. A built-in handle helps to move the dryer around at ease.


  • Adjustable Quick Dry Fan and Dryer
  • Simple to use with one-button control
  • Two 75-watt incandescent black bulbs
  • Two powerful fans for forced air drying
  • Adjustable opening for hands & feet
  • Automatic On/Off at end of cycle
  • Three time settings: 1, 3, 5 minutes
  • Heavy steel housing with epoxy coating
  • Foam-padding steel carrying handle
  • Fast nail drying without bubble or smudge
  • Easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant


Manufacturer ANS
Dimension No