Classic Eclipse Single Nail Table

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Classic Eclipse Nail Table is a must-have for any salon and spa. Make sure your customers receive the best services by equipping your business with the finest manicure tables in the beauty industry. Our popular Classic manicure tables are designed for salons that want functionality with luxury. Each table is equipped with special features and convenient extras, like built-in fans, bottle organizers and trash bins. Our manicure tables are handcrafted by our expert carpenters using quality parts and components. Each table is custom-made and made-to-order with your choice of Oak, Mahogany of Cafelle laminates. For quality assurance, each manicure table is designed and assembled here in the USA. Same features as Classic nail table. Finished with your choice of oak, cafelle, mahogany, or white laminate. Available in single, two, five stations. Your choice of dark or white marble. *PRICE is $550 for each section*.


  • Choice of White or Dark Marble Top
  • Built-in bottle organizer
  • Convenient space for drill
  • Comfortable arm rest
  • Multiple drawers for storage
  • Trash bin located in storage drawer
  • Custom-made and made-to-order with your choice or Oak, Mahogany, Cafelle, or White


Dimension 42"L x 17"W x 30"H
Manufacturer ANS