Beniko Nail Dryer



Give your salon a unique style and flair with the Beniko Nail Dryer. This beautiful, duo-tone quick dry station fits up to four customers and is capable of drying hands and feet at the same time! The Beniko Quick Dry Station is handcrafted by our expert carpenters using quality wood components. For quality assurance, each Beniko is designed and assembled here in the USA. For convenience, the Beniko includes a built-in cabinet for extra storage and versatility. Impress your customers and upgrade your salon to this beautiful quick dry station today.


  • Modern Design, Beautiful Style, Duo-tone colors
  • Two Laminate Colors (Rosewood and White)
  • Seats up to four people
  • Four, 48-inch UV lights bulbs for hands
  • Two, 36-inch UV lights for feet
  • Four powerful built-in drying fans
  • 4 purse hangers


Dimension  58"L x 21"W x 43.5"H
Manufacturer ANS