ANS LED Liner Jet Magnet (ALJ) - Complete Set



Includes: Magnetic impeller and housing. 

Complete set for Alfalfa LED Liner Magnet Jet. The revolutionary ANS LED Liner Magnet Jet is an exclusive pedicure spa jet from Alfalfa Nail Supply. This strong, yet gentle spa jet sets new standards for safety and sanitation while providing dazzling color display from built-in LED lights and the soothing whirlpool effect that customers love. The LED Line Magnet Jet easily sets itself apart from other spa jets on the market with its superior quality, sturdy design, and advanced architecture.

This pipeless, magnetic, strong-pulse spa jet is made with special nylon-glass fibers that give each jet increased impact-resistance and durability, so it won’t crack or break like other jets. It is also much easier to clean and sanitize than older model jets—thanks to its pipeless design, simply snap apart, drop into sanitizing liquid, and let soak overnight. Customers can enjoy a comforting pedicure without worrying about bacterial infections or contaminations. The ANS LED Liner Magnet Jet is also compatible with disposable pedicure spa liners for additional peace of mind and protection.

Upgrade your modern salon to the ALJ today. 

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  • New, Exclusive Pedicure Spa LED Jet
  • Gentle and soothing, yet powerful jet
  • Compatible with disposable spa liners
  • Easier to use, clean, and sanitize than older jets
  • Made with nylon-glass for increased impact-resistance
  • Pipe-less, Magnetic
  • Two magnetic poles for increased impeller support
  • Jet flow angled towards feet
  • 1 year warranty


    Dimension Wet end 3.25 x 2.5 x 1.7 in | Dry end- D 4 x H 4.75 in
    Manufacturer ANS